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Lina Stillman

We are a firm based in Connecticut and New York, specializing primarily in U.S. immigration and nationality laws.
The experienced immigration attorneys on our team stay up to date with the latest immigration news and regulation changes to make sure our clients always receive the best advice possible regarding their cases.
If you wish to maintain social distancing, we are working remotely so you ca receive immigration assistance virtually via ZOOM, SKYPE, or FACETIME. We are here for you! Either in Person or Remotely.
You rest assured that we always put your needs at the center of what we do. This allows us to provide immigration services and advice that makes you feel informed 100% of the way to make the best decisions for your case.
We also believe that immigration advice should be accessible to all!
We are honest about our immigration fees, and you will find no hidden fees with us! this way, you will know precisely what immigration services you will receive with no guesses or surprises.

Why Trust Us?

Because we really work to provide all our clients with excellent representation. What does this mean exactly? That you or your loved ones can expect to deal with our lawyers directly, that we answer your calls, emails, texts, and that we will be honest with you throughout the process.

So, what can you expect from us?

Contact us or call (800) 933-5620 to start a consultation with an immigration lawyer. ¡Se habla español! Nós falamos Português!