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It doesn’t matter whether you entered legally or illegally, you may still be protected if you qualify and apply for asylum. Asylum can protect you if you have a legitimate fear of prosecution in your home country. If you are able to demonstrate that you have a credible fear, you may be able to apply and ultimately be afforded this protection.

What are the benefits of hiring a lawyer to handle your asylum claim?

Handling an asylum claim alone can be done but it’s never advisable. It can lead to a difficult experience in the system, with judges, forms, and can impact your chance of success negatively.  You traveled thousands of miles to seek asylum and there is obviously a lot on the line, so hiring a competent attorney to help you with the process, is crucial!.

A good attorney will know how to handle all the paperwork, will explain things so that they are less confusing for you and most importantly, will answer all questions during the process.

Connecticut Asylum Frequently asked questions

Any alien who arrives in the United States may qualify for asylum if the alien is able to establish that he or she is a refugee who is being persecuted or more likely than not will be persecuted if she or he has to return to his or her country based on religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership in a social group.  Eligibility largely depends on the overall circumstances of the case.

Asylum is something that the Government grants to someone who left their country as a refugee. Obtaining this type of remedy allows the person to stay legally and there is no fee to apply. There are a couple of ways that individuals can obtain Asylum.

Affirmative or Defensive:

  • You must be in the Country and apply to USCIS by filing an I-589 form.
  • The Defensive asylum is for petitioners who are in deportation proceedings and are seeking asylum as relief against deportation. These proceedings are done before a Judge and not an immigration officer (as in Affirmative).
  • When an affirmative application is denied, the case is usually transferred to an immigration judge to hear the case. The judge doesn’t have to agree with the decision taken by the immigration officer.

General Requirements:
You must be present in the United States, asylum can be requested upon arrival at a port of entry or at the border, in this case, the legal status does not matter, nor how you entered the United States.

If you do not request it when you enter the United States, you must do so within one year, although there is an exception to this rule; In case of passing the time limit, but in their country of origin there is a change of regime that puts the person in danger, this person can request asylum.

If the person has immediate relatives, she can include them in the petition, and they must also appear at the interview.

Individuals have one (1) year from the Date of Arrival into the United States.

  • If the home country has become dangerous after the person left that country
  • If the person applying has suffered a serious illness, mental illness, or had ineffective attorneys/counsel.
  • Regardless of your circumstances, it is worth getting in touch with an experienced attorney to discuss your individual case

This is not a question any lawyer can answer because each case is unique. The process can vary according to many factors. It can take six months to several years! But don’t be discouraged, the sooner you start your process, the better!

You will be able to travel to your home country when your asylum is granted, and you have obtained citizenship. If you, do it before then, you might inadvertently put yourself at risk of being deported.